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Europure LadyBell

Launching Europure Lady Bell, Dedicated Rental Condominiums for Women Living Alone in Urban Areas

From April 2018, we have been selling units of Europure Lady Bell, a strategicproduct that is part of our marketing offensive aimed at urban areas.
These units meet the needs of women living alone in urban areas by being equipped with unique functions focused on four areas – beauty, storage, kitchen,and security. They provide functions that ensure a woman living alone can enjoy safety, security, and comfort, including a stylish make-up table and full-length mirror, a walk-in closet and earthquake-resistant built-in storage, kitchen storage that is rarely found in rental condominiums, an auto-lock system, and security cameras.

We have set the target of increasing consolidated net sales by ¥100 billion over the next five years and one of our key strategies for achieving this is to strengthen marketing activities in urban areas. However, there are many other companies competing for these areas, so we need construction products that offer unique characteristics. Europure Lady Bell is a true condominium for ladies only project based on a survey of 500 women who live alone.

As it is a product with unique characteristics, we have put special care into marketing activities, and started sales following strict appraisal by headquarters over details such as location. Token Corporation has a strong record of developing construction products with unique characteristics. Through condominiums with special-purpose functions like this one, we will aim to become the "only one" in specific fields.

Nagakute Branch

Opening a Branch in Nagakute, a Commuter Town that has Abundant Nature

In April 2018, we established the Home Mate Nagakute Branch, a branch offering real estate leasing business brokerage functions located in Nagakute, a popular commuter town in Aichi Prefecture that has abundant nature. Token Corporation constructed a six-floor building and the first floor houses the branch, the secondfloor houses offices, and the third to sixth floors contain high-grade rental condominiums.

Our Meito Branch, which was established in 1979 as our first business location in the Nagoya region, was becoming timeworn so this, combined with the growing population and demand for rental housing in Nagakute, led to our transferring the branch to Nagakute. It is the branch with the largest staff in the prefecture and will carry out marketing activities primarily in Nagakute, but also in the Meito, Chikusa, and Moriyama wards of Nagoya city, as well as the cities of Seto, Owariasahi, and Nisshin.

We will continue to open new branches and transfer branches to meet demand for apartment buildings and rental condominiums, and work to implement our sophisticated branch opening plan going forward.

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